When bringing recyclables to the landfill site, residents are reminded to NOT bag them. The only exeption to this is paper shredding which can be bagged in a clear plastic bag. Thank you for your attention to this matter and thank you for recycling.

New Play Equipment and Benches

Property Taxes Due

2019 Final Property Taxes Due: September 18 2019

Payments can be made with Cash or Cheque in person Mon-Fri 8am-4pm at the Municipal Office at 903303 Hanbury Rd.

We also accept E-Transfers.  Please refer to your final tax bill for instructions, or contact the Muncipal Office.

A drop box is also located at the Municipal Office for your convenience.

Bales of Hay Location/Entrepôt de foin et de paille

It is very important not to stockpile the bales of hay and straw too close to the road or under the power lines. These stockpiles are safety issues due to the reduced visibility and snow accumulation during the winter months. The township is asking its residents to call the roads superintendent before piling any bales next to the road.

Entrepôt de foin et de paille : Ne pas empiler le foin ou la paille trop près des chemins. Le manque de visibilité pourrait mettre en jeu la sécurité des gens. En hiver, les entrepôts de foin ou de paille peuvent causer des congères de neige et devenir dangereux pour la conduite sur les chemins. S.V.P. téléphoner au surintendant des chemins AVANT d’entreposer du foin ou de la paille près des routes.